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ECW (Episcopal Church Women)


The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is a national

organization that provides opportunities for the women of

our parish to gather for worship, fellowship, and outreach

support. All women of the Grace Church are considered

members and all are welcome to attend the Grace Church

Women’s Board meetings and events. 

The ECW at Grace Episcopal Church has been a part of the

parish life since 1891, when it was known as the Women’s

Guild. Reflecting on the past women of this ministry we

have learned that we are strongest when we work together.

To continue to give this most precious gift of caring for

human kind and the sacred buildings and grounds of the

Grace Campus we have declared this year, “2024 A Year of

Grace”. As part of our in service we are working together to

revitalize our Parish Hall Kitchen. 

We warmly welcome you and look forward to seeing you at

one of our meetings or events. A list of meeting dates are

listed below and if you would like more information you

can  leave us a message at the Church Office, 828-437-

1133,  and we will contact you! 

Co-Chair  Sherry Willard 

Co-Chair  Denise Ritz

dinner out to eat, just food no people.jpg

Dutch Treat Dinner

Location TBD

5/16 | 6:30pm


National Convention Recap w/ Betsey Biega

Church Parish Hall

9/11 | 12pm


Outreach Ministry Activity

Location TBD


Lunch and Learn & Pop-up shopping to support Thistle Farms

Church Parish Hall

10/16 | 12pm

dinner out to eat without people.jpg

Dutch Treat Dinner

Location TBD

Date TBD | 6:30pm


Christmas Celebration Dinner

Community House

12/5 | Time TBD

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