Above: Watch a video about Stewardship with Parishioner Harper Thayer

Ways to Give

  • Time: Grace is involved in many community ministries, and counts on the dedication of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer with a particular ministry, please contact the office at (828) 437-1133.
  • Talent: Grace is always looking for people who have particular gifts and skills (especially in technology, construction, maintenance and repair, and other areas). If you would like to donate your skills for the benefit of Grace, please contact a member of the Vestry or contact the office at (828) 437-1133.
  • Treasure: Grace cannot continue its ministries without financial support. We rely on pledges of financial support from parishioners to fund our operating budget, as well as gifts and bequests of stock, IRAs, and other financial instruments that benefit our long-term endowments and investments. Please contact a member of the Vestry or contact the office at (828) 437-1133 to find out more.

Thoughts on Stewardship from Grace Parishioners:

“There is a strong current of love and God’s peace flowing through the Grace Church family that transcends money and worldly things…our family has experienced that first hand. While it is the love and spirit of our parish that is so profoundly beautiful, there is often a monetary cost to deliver that love to those in need.” –Eric Breiter

How we give: A stewardship campaign many years ago introduced us to proportional giving, working toward a tithe, and that still informs our annual decisions. Why we give: We give for ourselves really– to express gratitude to God for our lives and for our many blessings.” –Pat Phelps

“We should support our church financially, emotionally and in all other ways our abilities allow, because this is our spiritual family and home….where we get our strength to deal with life’s troubles, where we get sustenance and support, where our children are nourished and prepared for life and where we find comfort and help in our last years on earth. Without our church we would face a barren life.” –Judy Buchly