Labyrinth & Contemplative Prayer

 The Labyrinth at Grace Episcopal Church

The parish has an outdoor labyrinth which may be walked at any time.

“The labyrinth is a gift to the community,” Vera Salter said, referring to the Labyrinth as a place of great serenity. “In today’s fast-paced world, the labyrinth provides a place to clear the mind, walk or sit amidst nature, and reflect upon our individual spiritual journeys. Walking the path gives the physical, emotional, and spiritual connectedness that is necessary for wholeness and balance.”

The Labyrinth is a symbol of an ancient pilgrimage. The layout design, modeled like the Chartres Cathedral in France, draws walkers inward along the circular path towards the center. Some may pause to pray along the path, especially upon reaching the center, before they continue along the winding path to the exit, exactly where the journey began.

The labyrinth was intentionally situated between the church and the parish hall to bring those two buildings into union with each other.  Salter added, “Being where it is in the churchyard near the graves and the playground gives a full perspective of the fragile cycle of life that is worked out – always – in the presence of God.”

Monthly labyrinth walks are offered, and a complete listing can be found on our parish calendar.

Guided walks and programs about the labyrinth can be scheduled by calling the church office at 437-1133. 

Kathy Peters – The Labyrinth at Grace Episcopal Church

Contemplative Prayer

Many opportunities for contemplative prayer are offered at Grace Episcopal Church. On the second Sunday of the month, a 5pm Taizé worship service is offered, featuring prayer, silence, rhythmic singing, Scripture, and the Holy Eucharist. This brief 30-minutTaize Worshipe service is patterned after the prayerful practice of the Taizé community of France.

Other opportunities for contemplation and prayer are offered seasonally, including Choral Evensong, Compline, and other seasonal services. Check the parish calendar for more details.